19 April 2009

Teman Butters

Sesuatu yang menyenangkan..

From: Anoy

Cba dgr lagu ME..Butterfingrs.


Nothing..I always jamm wid this song..long time ago..My fav song.

ME by Butterfingers from 1.2 Milligram
I have reasons why its sour
I have time to make it sharper
Don't you make me feel no longer
I would love to read the answer...
Where's the thing call beautiful
I don't think it's wonderful
Just to fake it ain't so sweet
Ain't so numb and its not because of me
If I take it all for granted
I would spread word through the pieces
Do you think it all screwed up I don't think so because I'm free now
Why don't you ask me where I sound from [7x]
Why don't you say to me its not because of me

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